Kathleen Tryon, LCSW-R

Kathy Tryon, Clinical Social Worker and writer

Kathleen Tryon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and writer in Syracuse, NY. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1999 and her Master of Social Work degree in 2001. Her post graduate training includes: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) and Imago Relationship Therapy. She is a graduate of the Downtown Writer’s Center Pro Program and uses writing and the arts in her healing work with clients.

As an idealist, Kathleen believes in all possibility. She sees the therapeutic process, not as helping people change, but rather as becoming all of who they are. To her, the work is about setting people free from worn out ways of thinking and living that inhibit expression of one’s essential nature and ability to live in balance with the world. She thinks systemically and relationally, regarding early wounding as paramount to current distress and stretching into new forms of behavior as essential in reclaiming one’s life and sharing one’s personal gifts with the world. Kathleen encourages dialogue and exploration with loved ones, theorizing that most of what we as humans struggle with originates in relationship; therefore this is where healing is likely to occur.

Kathleen works with individuals over the age of eighteen, couples, families, and groups. As a client of Kathleen’s, you can expect gentle yet firm encouragement to step beyond your comfort zone in honor of your personal healing and growth. She will invite you, through focused intention, exploration, insight, and action, to move into and beyond the symptomatic anxieties that hold you captive, to widen your lens of seeing the world, and learn strategies that support living your life to the fullest. She expects one’s earnest commitment and investment in the therapeutic process and promises to invest wholeheartedly in helping one find the way to the life desired.

Professional portrait courtesy of Ana Gil-Taylor of www.anagiltaylor.com
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